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    Конференции /     Reconstruction of Russian society: experience, problems and prospects /

конференция: Reconstruction of Russian society: experience, problems and prospects

Voronezh Technical State University invites instructors, researchers, post-graduates, students and specialists in machinery of government to take part in the international scientific and practical conference “Reconstruction of Russian society: experience, problems and prospects”. The conference will happen from 15th to 16th November 2007.
The main goals of the event are: to summarize domestic and world experience in transformation and modernization; to work out new ways of looking and recommendations for solving socio-economic and political problems;

The conference will be divided in to 7 sessions:

Session 1: Modernization theory and ways of social development;
Session 2: Russian and world historical experience in transformations;
Session 3: The process of democratization in Russian political sphere;
Session 4: The socio-economic aspect of reconstruction in Russian society;
Session 5: Transformation of social framework in Russian society;
Session 6: Moving forces and trends of social values in Russia;
Session 7: Legal guarantee for realization reforms in Russia;

Chair board consist of

Head of chair: VSTU president, honoured scientific worker in Russian federation,
member of writer union R.F., Doctor of engineering sciences,
professor Frolov Vadim Nikolaevich;
Vice-chairman: head of chair, Doctor of sciences, professor Dushkova
Natalia Alexandrovna
Pro-rector of pedagogical work Satin Valeriy Alexandrovich
Committee-men: candidate of historical science, docent Gubar L.A.
candidate of historical science, docent Obertyeva I.A.
candidate of historical science, docent Safronov O.S.
candidate of political science, docent Chekmeneva T.G.
candidate of historical science, docent Avgustin E.A.
candidate of historical science, docent Briskay L.A.
candidate of historical science, senior lecturer Ryapolov S.P.
candidate of historical science, senior lecturer Doroshenko N.E
assistant Zueva T.G.

Steering committee address:
Room 223, chair of history and political science, 14 Moscow avenue, Voronezh 394026, Russia. Tel. (4732) 46-22-91 - Zueva Tatyana Grigorievna.
Fax: (4732)46-32-74

For more information please see: Dushkova_vstu@mail.ru
The attendance is free. Host side will generally pay for meals and accommodation and can refund ticket costs for Russian participants.
The call for papers is open until October 15th 2007. Your proposal must contain the following information:
1. application with information about authors;
2. you should restrict your theses to 4 pages ( 1 printed copy and electronic – on the diskette)

Your theses must be drawn up in that way:
First of all you should choose following parameters for textual editor:
Demy – A 5
Borders: top – 1.50; bottom – 2.00; left – 2.00; right -1.30.
Type – Times New Roman
Printing height – 11
Indention - 1.0
Interval – 1.0
In the right top corner you must indicate index BBK (for library). Further over the line must be mentioned authors’ initials and surnames with capital letter (bold type). Than on the new line you print a text heading using capital letters without hyphens (bold type), below – the full name of organization with lower case letters. Central alignment. Further over the line must be printed article text (theses). Footnotes to literature must be in the text, in square brackets (example: [8; p.28] – the source according to literature list, page 28). The literature list must be placed at the end of the text and separated out with empty string. It is not allowed to use bottom note of literature, pagination and other catchwords. Bibliography must be restricted to 12 titles.
This is an example how to arrange literature list:
for books:
Reconstruction of Russia: myths and reality. M.: Academia, 1994. 384 p.
Zaslavskaya T.I. The transformation of Russian society: structural
conception. M.: City, 2002. 567 p.
for articles:
Ivanov V.A. Mass anxiety as a obstacle for social fusion // Sociological
researches. 2005. №2. p.22-29.

This is an example for theses arrangement:



Voronezh state technical university

Body text

Example for application arrangement:

for participation in the international
scientific and practical conference
“The reconstruction of Russian society: experience, problems and prospect”.
2.Name, patronymic name____________________________________________
3.Academic degree, status____________________________________________
5.Place of employment (studies)_______________________________________
6.Home address____________________________________________________
10 Paper issue______________________________________________________
12Necessity to book a hotel___________________________________________
13Occupancy date__________________________________________________
14 Quit data_______________________________________________________

Дата проведения: 2007-11-15 - 2007-11-16
Дата приема докладов: 2007-09-03 - 2007-12-15

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